2024 Kick Off!

Here we go! On the 6th of January, all FRC teams watched the kick-off live on Twitch or YouTube.

Let me tell you, the entire team is hyped and excited about the new game and the challenges it brings. Obviously, we have all been super busy with designing and strategizing for this year’s game.

We have also moved most of our stuff to our sponsor Mat-Tech, where we will be building and testing this season.

So, what has been accomplished in the past 5 days? Quite a lot. Some parts have already been ordered, and a basic robot, which will be our starting base and on which we will be improving, is already drawn out. Also, a couple of members have started building the field structures, which we will be focusing on.

Furthermore, there have been members who have made plans so we can create the best robot that we possibly could. Although it requires fast work, everyone is happy with the flow, so we will continue with improving that since it is the first year we work with such a strict planning.

But most importantly, our notes will arrive this Friday so we can start building our prototypes. We are all very excited for this year to see what we can accomplish.

So with that said, good luck to all the teams, and I’ll see you here again next time!