Week 6 Update - 17-02-2024

So it has been some time since the last update and we are sorry for that, however that means that we will treat all of you with a lot this time since we have some cool stuff we want to share about our robot development! So lets not wait any longer and get into the good stuff!

So to start this weeks post off we want to share our biggest progress ont the final design which will be our competition robot! in the comming weeks all parts will be ordered so we hope the build of this machine will be done 1 or 2 weeks before we will fly out to Las Vegas for our Regional.

as for the drivetrain, intake and shooter it will not be all new for us. the total composition of the robot will be but all components have been tested seperatly as we will show you in a bit. There is still something missing in this CAD being the climbers. those are being prototyped still since it has not gone so smoothly on that side. But it is all good since we are making big leaps with it so it should still be on.

That is it on the current status for the competition bot, on to the rest!

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So here is our intake finally on a driving chassis. It has taken some time to make it happen since we wanted it so close to the ground. At the moment it is 1,6 cm above the carpet so it will be propper low to the ground.

It has taken many revisions to get everything perfect an dalthough this one is also not 100% there yet it is good for now