19-12-2023 Team Meeting

Another Tuesday, another post.

So here is a short update on where we currently stand in our robot building proces!

Software is very bussy with working out how to make the MAX swerve modules work with a Falcon motor and due to some struggles with this we are thinking of building a swerve with all NEO and NEO 550 motors so we can start testing while driving and with driver practice.

At the CAD department evryone has been hard at work to get as many designs drawn as possible. They have just wrapped up a under-the-bumper intake which is most likely to make it onto the bot as of the competition design currently. Speaking of the competition robot, they have also made big leaps with that design. Taking as much knowledge as possible gathered by other teams as well as ourselves to give us the best chance at the week 5 Las Vegas Reagional.

The boys and girls from mechanical have aslo been hard at work trying to keep up with all the parts comming in and finishing them of with threading them and drilling in the smaller holes. 

Then the last thing I want to update all of you with is our first shooter test! So it took more time than we would have liked but we are already quite pleased with the end result. So here is a video:

What we liked about this is that we were able to shoot a lot of rings after one another with only 2 misses on 12 rings. Obviously it is not realistic to shoot so many rings after one another, but it also shows that we can spin up really quickly and save a little battery by turning them of after we shot. It was really cool to start seeing parts come together into a robot that will compete!

that was it for this update so see you next time!