23-01-2024 Update

Week 3, time flies when you are having fun they say and has that been true for us. Some of our parts have arived and the rest will arive during this week.

If you have seen last weeks update you would have sen our V1 design, but not much of the intake. It is an intake with 3 rollers and it’s parts arrived first of all so we were able to test it a little bit.It is still handheld but it is a proof of concept. Other than the times in the video it almost did not have issues so we are already quite happy with the design. This Friday we hope to have all the parts for the chassis so when that is done updates on the shooter, intake and chassis will be shared!

A new thing for us this year is that we will have 2 chassis! Unfortunatly the materials that were delivered for the chassis were not of the correct thickness so we have new bits comming. The upside to it as mentioned that we will have 2 fully operating robots hopefully!