05-03-2024 Update It feels like we just entered week 2 but here we are in week 8 already! So as some of you might have seen in the last post there was a design in for our copmetition robot, however we have simplefied some bits due to various reasons. The general shape will remain but […]

Week 6 Update

Week 6 Update – 17-02-2024 So it has been some time since the last update and we are sorry for that, however that means that we will treat all of you with a lot this time since we have some cool stuff we want to share about our robot development! So lets not wait any […]

30-01-2024 UPDATE

19-12-2023 Team Meeting Another Tuesday, another post. So here is a short update on where we currently stand in our robot building proces! Software is very bussy with working out how to make the MAX swerve modules work with a Falcon motor and due to some struggles with this we are thinking of building a […]

28-01-2024 UPDATE (EXTRA)

28-01-2024 EXTRA UPDATE Hey, here with an extr update. Of course there will be one next Tuesday as well, but we have some stuff to share and we could not wait to do so! So to start, last Saterday (27-01-2024) the team was hard at work to get everything moved from our storage to our […]

23-01-2024 Update

23-01-2024 Update https://www.teampi.nl/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/intake-proto-V1.mp4 Week 3, time flies when you are having fun they say and has that been true for us. Some of our parts have arived and the rest will arive during this week. If you have seen last weeks update you would have sen our V1 design, but not much of the intake. […]

16-01-2024 Update

Team Meeting Updates So for week 2 the plan was clear. Finish the field and finish the first design so our sponsors could start makeing the components. Both goals were indeed achieved this week and we are very happy with our progress on it. unfortunatly we are unable to upload real pictures yet but here […]

09-01-2024 Update

2024 Kick Off! https://youtu.be/9keeDyFxzY4?si=E6v1Te1EU57EGy1J Here we go! On the 6th of January, all FRC teams watched the kick-off live on Twitch or YouTube. Let me tell you, the entire team is hyped and excited about the new game and the challenges it brings. Obviously, we have all been super busy with designing and strategizing for […]


19-12-2023 Team Meeting Another Tuesday, another post. Today there were a couple of things on the to-do-list for today so we had a bussy evening ahead. So what was on the planning? Two things to be exact, one was a presentation about all the winnable awards within the FRC and what you need to do […]


Team Meeting Updates As for the meeting that the team had on 13-12-2023 we continued with helping the new members and highschoolers get up to speed with requirements for making 2D drawings so our sponsors can produce the parts for our robot succesfully. So the mechanical crew listened to Lenard, one of our mentors, on […]

Sinterklaas! 5-12-’23

Happy ‘Pakjes Avond’ As a dutch team we also celebrate dutch holidays. Today, 5 December, is as we call it pakjes avond and is an evening on which children get presents from Sinterklaas. Sort of Christmas but then dutch you could say. Since many mebers wanted to celebrate this holiday we decided we would skip […]