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Robotics Team π

Endless. Passion.

Robotics Team π is a FIRST Robotics Competition team where we encourage and help high school students to learn about STEAM in a safe and active environment, the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). FIRST Robotics Competition is part of FIRST® and each year a new game with a set of rules is released. The game has all sorts of challenges in it, from picking up game elements to shooting game pieces and from climbing to balancing. Each year we do our best to build a competitive robot in the short span of 6 to go compete in the US.


Create an environment where infinite individuals are intrinsically motivated and inspired in becoming their best selves by engaging into STEAM challenges.

All with endless creativity, endless possibilities, endless innovation and endless passion.


Learning individuals about the world of STEAM by integrating challenges within the curriculum of schools where individuals can learn in a fun and challenging way about these subjects. Learning not only hard skills like 3D modeling, programming, manufacturing, etc. and soft skills like presenting, creative thinking, planning, etc. but also learning the value of teamwork, respect and integrity. This will set a standard in making learning new things a fun and challenging part of their lives. In doing so, we satisfy our responsibility to our volunteers, community and the environment, and motivate others to follow our example.


With motivated, qualified and self-​sufficient volunteers who are forward thinking and acting, we aspire to live up to our goal of exceeding STEAM challenge expectations. We make investments in research and development, as well as constant improvements to our volunteers and facility, and in doing so continually improve our capabilities. As an independent foundation, our focus is on the long-term and we strive to make STEAM challenges a commodity in education.


Founded in 2016 team π built their first robot. The founders of the team, Ivan, Anita and Willem were among the people who helped build the first robot. The 2016 robot named Primus did not participate in any competition since it was a project to see what it took to build such a robot. However every year after that the team did go to the US to compete in at least one Regional. Some performed better then others, but to learn more about our history click the button below!

The Team

Around 30 members working hard with endless passion towards the project. That is what happens at team π during the meetings, building season and during competitions. To build robots with endless creativity, endless possibilities, endless innovation and endless passion. With the greater good to help highschool students find what they want to do for study as well as later in life. Click on the button below to meet the team as well as find out what we do!

Why and how to join?

Why should you join? Easy question to answer! At team π you will learn all sorts of skills ranging from 3D designing, manufacturing and programming but also skills like presenting, teamwork and problem solving. Those are just examples of what you will learn at team π. But the most important thing of it all is that team π is a fun and sociable environment. Interested and want to join or want some more information? Click on the button below!